25 April 2014
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Wall Street or Main Street?

Americans have been taught that the U.S. enjoys a free-enterprise market economy, in stark contrast to the failed socialist model. In political campaigns, Republican politicians in particular praise entrepreneurship as the lifeblood of America. But do they really believe it? Or instead do they favor Big Business and Wall Street, while taxing and regulating small businesses and Main Street?


Capitalism vs. Corporatism

In this year’s NIGHT OF CLARITY our nationally-recognized speakers will explore the theme “CAPITALISM vs. CORPORATISM.” Experts from business and academia—all versed in the Austrian School of economics—will explain how the government and the Federal Reserve stack the deck to favor the big banks and other insiders. Attendees will receive an expert diagnosis of what went wrong with our economy, and how to FIX it, yet all in terms the layperson can understand.


Stockman Diagnoses THE PROBLEM

The Friday lectures will culminate with the headline address by DAVID STOCKMAN, former budget director under Ronald Reagan and author of the New York Times bestseller The Great Deformation. Stockman is qualified as no other to give an insider account of how both parties pulled a con job on Americans, selling them free market “capitalism” but in reality delivering crony corporatism, with the government and Fed picking winners and losers. Stockman names names and pulls no punches in his diagnosis of our fiscal mess.


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Nash Provides THE SOLUTION

Yet hope is not lost. Our Saturday workshop will provide THE SOLUTION for average households and business owners in the form of privatized banking. Attendees will learn the theory and practice of NELSON NASH’S Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) as laid out in his underground classic, Becoming Your Own Banker.


It’s All Waiting for You in MUSIC CITY

The situation is dire; Americans must learn the sad truth about our current monetary and banking systems. But with knowledge comes the ability to protect your household, and ultimately to help the nation. Register today for the 2014 NIGHT OF CLARITY in downtown Nashville!




(General Admission $75 / Student $35)

Friday, August 15, 1pm – 6:45pm at the Downtown Hilton

Come hear some of the nation’s foremost authorities diagnose the nation’s economic crisis, from the perspective of “Austrian economics.” The all-star lineup features Nashville businessman and financial author L. Carlos Lara; the president of the Foundation for Economic Education, Larry Reed; economist Robert P. Murphy; founder of the Infinite Banking Concept, R. Nelson Nash; historian and NYT bestselling author, Thomas Woods; and headlined by David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan.


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Friday, August 15, 1pm – 9:00pm and Saturday August 16, 9am – 4pm at the Downtown Hilton

In addition to the all-star lectures on Friday afternoon, Package Two provides for a VIP cocktail hour and dinner on Friday evening, culminating in an intimate Q&A with David Stockman. After diagnosing the problem on Friday, participants will learn the solution during the Saturday workshop. Nelson Nash will explain his Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), a method of cash flow management through which an individual can effectively self-finance life’s major purchases. By freeing Americans from their dependence on traditional lenders, the IBC approach allows them to “secede” from the Federal Reserve / Wall Street nexus. Other experts will explain the mechanics of IBC from an economic, actuarial, and financial planning perspective, will show applications for small business owners, and will address popular misunderstandings of the concept. The Saturday workshop is suitable for the general public, financial professionals who wish to sharpen their command of the subject, and is ideal for clients who have been introduced to the idea but want to learn more.


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