28 February 2017


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The IBC Practitioner's program is now available through the Infinite Banking Institute.

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An educational program designed for financial professionals who wish to make the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) part of their client relationships. The IBC Practitioner’s Program consists of online educational videos, a Program Manual, and an Exam.


R. Nelson Nash

L. Carlos Lara

Dr. Robert P. Murphy


Closely following the treatment in Becoming Your Own Banker, in these openings lectures Nash explains that Americans devote a shocking percentage of their monthly income to finance charges of various kinds (credit cards, car payments, mortgage). Yet they brag at the water cooler about the rate of return they are earning on that small sliver of wealth they have invested. Americans focus on the rate of interest and ignore the volume of interest they pay out each month, which for most is a surprising percentage of their monthly income. Nash discusses the various psychological pitfalls plaguing Americans (Parkinson’s Law, Arrival Syndrome, Willie Sutton’s Law, Golden Rule, Use It or Lose It.), which are snares that will impede disciplined saving.

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